Helping San Ramon, Ca Residents Choose Garage Door Windows:

1. Choose a window model that coordinates with your main entry door:
Over the last few years, the choice from manufacturers has expanded. There are now many different types of glass for you to choose from:
•clear glass
•tinted or frosted glass
•screen-printed or sandblasted ink finish to the glass
•glass with integrated grid
•plastic inserts installed on the exterior side of the window.
2. Windows can be placed in any section of the door, without affecting its construction. It’s all a question of taste and style.
3. Set a realistic budget
•Know that depending on the number of sealed units you choose, the window model, and the door model you will choose, it will cost you between 25% and 50% more than the price of the door.
4. What should I do now?
•The best way to visualize everything is by utilizing a Mid-Valley Garage Door Sales Technician. This gives you the chance to see the wide variety of models available.
•Also a Mid-Valley Garage Door technician can even upload a photo of your current house and superimpose your dream garage door on it with the window model you would like to have.
•Contact Mid-Valley Garage Door in the San Ramon area. One of our team members will be able to give you the best advice and tools available so that you can make an enlightened choice.