Terms Used in our Industry:


Anchoring Plate – This “L” shaped bracket makes the connection between
 track and wall.

Brackets – A steel structure in the shape of an L

Chain Hoist – Adds mechanical advantage to manually operated door

Clearances – The amount of side room, head and back room required

Decorative Hardware – Decorative accessories

Door Movement – There are 4 basic types of movement: standard lift, high lift,
 full vertical lift and low headroom.

Door Opener –  A motorized device for opening and closing a garage door

Double Door – Commonly used to refer to larger width doors usually on
 multi-car garages.

Extension Springs – Counterbalanced springs which provide lifting power by stretching

Galvanizing – Zinc coating to protect steel against corrosion

Hinges –  To make the independent sections act as a complete door,
 the sections must be hinged together.

Inside Lock – Spring loaded, sliding deadbolt lock operable only from interior
 of the door.

Insulation – Material having the ability to reduce heat or cold transmission

Jackshaft Operator – Electric operator which mounts on the wall or ceiling
 and directly drives the torsion spring shaft.

Operation Cycle – One complete cycle of a door begins with the door in the
 closed position.

Overlay – Decorative PVC molding permanently fused to the door surface
 in the factory.

Rails – The horizontal members of the door’s framework.

Reinforcement Struts – 2.25’’ or 3’’ steel channel (depending on the width of the door) Used for strengthening.

Rollers – Steel or Nylon  ball-bearing wheels

R-Value – Ability of a material to retard the transmission of heat or cold.

Sideroom – A horizontal measurement from each side of the door opening.

Single Door – Commonly refers to smaller width doors.

Torsion Springs –  This spring system, while slightly more complex, performs  counter-balancing function of the sectional door hardware.

Track – Garage door tracks usually consist of 4 pieces.

Vertical Lift – A hardware design that allows a sectional door to open vertically.

Weather-strip – A narrow strip of material to cover the joints of a door.

Wind Load – The amount of force that the wind exerts.