Garage Door Windows, and Why You Need Them.

You Should Add Windows to Your Garage Door…

Garage doors with windows are a popular design choice. Incorporating windows allows you to open the space up, let in natural light, and customize your own design.

Benefit: Bring Natural Light Into Your Garage

Natural lighting is known to increase productivity levels, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase your home’s value; especially useful if you use your garage serves as more than a storage area. 

Incorporating windows into your garage door can also save on utility bills and energy efficiency. Natural lighting means you don’t have to have lights on in your garage. Garage Door Windows allow the natural light coming in to transform your garage into a warm, welcoming, and productive space for you.

Benefit: Garage Door Customization

Your home is designed to match your personal aesthetic and style. The exterior should do the same. There are multitudes of Garage Door and Garage Door Window style combinations so you can find something that matches and seamlessly blends with the desired style of your home. 

Specifically for windows, you can choose between traditional window styles and specialty window styles. Traditional windows give a clear and clean look to your garage while specialty styles have more texture and design. 

We at Mid-Valley Garage Door, offer several modern garage door styles with windows.  The Avante style gargae door option, (Pictured here), is an aluminum and glass garage door that provides a contemporary look for your home. Allowing you to customize and configure the window panels to match your specific aesthetic. 

Avante doors provide an obstructed view to the inside of your garage, so you can feel safe that people won’t be looking in. You may also customize your door to include decorative glass if a textured look is desired.