Add Some “Smarts” to Your Garage Livermore!

When the majority of us hear the word “technology” we rarely think of garage doors but new Wi-Fi connected product offerings from companies such as LiftMaster

garage break in

may change your mind.
These new systems can show you if your garage door has been left open, and, let you close it from anywhere in the world vi a free app.
Additionally, you can set custom alerts when and if the garage door has been left open for a specific amount of time. You can also schedule your door to close for a designated time period after you’ve left your home; say 5-10 minutes.
There are battery backup systems and even anti-burglary features which allow you to sync your house lights thereby illuminating your home when the garage door is opened.
All of these and many more new technologies enhancing the utility and safety of your garage are available for purchase and installation so don’t hesitate to add some “smarts” to your garage today.