2020 Garage Door Trends

Your garage door is one of the most prominent features of the front of your house. As a result, it’s often the first thing people notice about your house. Whether you’re looking to build a new garage or just want to renovate your old garage door, continue reading to find out the top garage door trends

Increased Energy Efficiency

Many garage doors now incorporate materials with good insulative properties. As a result, you need less energy to keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. Besides increased comfort, a well-insulated garage also helps you to save on your utility bills. To further reduce your impact on the environment, look for doors made of recycled material.


Another top garage door trend in 2020 is curbscaping. It’s basically landscaping for your garage. Gone are the days where all garages look the same. More homeowners are now decorating their garage doors with bricks, timber panels and glass. You can even install a garage arbor and frame your garage with your favorite plants. Curbscaping is an excellent way to personalize your garage and add character to an otherwise often forgotten facade.


One of the most beneficial garage door trends is incorporating modern technology into it. The use of wi-fi linked garage door openers has skyrocketed through the years thanks to its convenience and security. Now, you can control your garage door with an app on your phone no matter where you are. Many systems even allow you to program a timer for your garage doors to close at a set time, give you notifications and control the alarm.

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