Avoiding Minor Repairs Can Turn into Major Expense!

It’s important to repair an issue before it gets worse because replacing your garage doors is expensive. Call Mid-Valley Garage Door today if you’re dealing with any of these three common garage door issues: The garage door springs are broken The cables are off the track The doors aren’t opening or closing

Add Some “Smarts” to Your Garage Livermore!

When the majority of us hear the word “technology” we rarely think of garage doors but new Wi-Fi connected product offerings from companies such as LiftMaster may change your mind. These new systems can show you if your garage door has been left open, and, let you close it from anywhere in the world vi[…]

Livermore Garage Door

The Greatest Gifts We Receive Are Our Customers!

Mid-Valley received yet another great review from a grateful customer who took the time to tell us how they felt! ” Subject: Exceptional Service! Message: Mid-Valley Garage Door provides exceptional service and quality work. Our garage door was not closing evenly and when released from the garage door opener/motor, it was so heavy you could[…]

This is Why You Never Leave Your Garage Door Open Overnight in Mountain House, Ca.

Manteca, Ca Residents Protect Your Garage, Protect Your Home For whatever reason, some homeowners decide that it’s OK to leave the garage door opened while unattended.   This careless action can lead to a variety of nasty consequences, especially if you have an attached garage. A solid garage door is your first line of defense[…]